My Biggest Pet Peeve.

So, if there is one thing that drives me so insane, it is females discussing negative comments about other females.

This really does drive me insane.

Why, you may ask?

It is constantly annoying whenever I hear other females making another comment about another woman. Why are so many women constantly having the urge to make a nasty comment about someone else? The reason why I get upset about this is because every woman isn’t perfect (except Beyonce) and I feel as though we as women shouldn’t be picking out another woman’s flaws. Just because every woman doesn’t look the same doesn’t give anyone the damn right to say how we should look, act, talk, walk, dress.

Society is so fucked up now a days to the extent of females having to go around trying to look perfect. But WHY? Why are we allowing ourselves to look a particular way when we shouldn’t have to? The qualities and beauty within us should be satisfying enough. Now, I understand if you want to change a few things about yourself and have a little adjustments. But, having to please another female? Come on now, don’t you think that’s a tad bit dumb?

Let’s be real here no female wakes up looking like they are Cleopatra. But, it’s not a matter of how you should look in the morning. It’s about how you feel about yourself. If you think you are the shit, kudos to you. Allowing another female to try to bring you down because of a negative opinion is what is sad to me.

To the women out there who are so fucking negative, please get over yourself. Just because you aren’t perfect don’t mean you have the right to call out another woman’s imperfections. Not every woman is built to be a damn robot. If she has weave + make up, what does that have to do with you? She likes having sex with every guy, so what? She likes Prada more than H&M, okay so? Just because a female isn’t the same as you doesn’t mean she is ugly. It just means simply that: she has a different taste than yours.

So, overall if you have something negative to say, just simply do one thing:


Lollapalooza Announces 2015 Festival Lineup


It’s that time of year again.

The 2015 Lollapalooza concert will be in Chicago and there will be many people who will be performing at that concert, as well as a few headliners. The major music festival announced today who will be taking the stage at this year’s Grant Park – filled music event.

Taking the stage will be Sam Smith, The Weeknd, A$AP Rocky, Kid Cudi, Young Thug, Dillon Francis, Carnage, G-Eazy, Gary Clark Jr., Flying Lotus, Tyler the Creator, FKA twigs,DJ Snake, Banks, Tove Lo, Charli XCX, DJ Mustard, Travi$ Scott, SZA, Mick Jenkins, Raury, BADBADNOTGOOD, Nero, Kaskade and many more.

For the headliners, Sir Paul McCartney will be the first major headliner for the music festival. During night two, it will be Metallica who is planning to take the stage and rock out the crowd. However, the headliner that will close out the show is none other than Florence + the Machine.

For the one day passes or for more information about the festival, go here + here.

A Visit To Madame Tussaud’s!

IMG_0769 (1)

For many years I have been wanting to visit Madame Tussaud’s here in Las Vegas.

So, finally I’ve been able to go and honestly I had the time of my life.

Not only does the museum offers some of your favorite celebrities, but there is also nothing but wax statues to visit of the celebrities. Everyone from Beyonce and Justin to Elvis and Sammy Davis Jr. were all in attendance, as well as allowing many people from all over to come and a take picture of the wax figures. It was a lot of fun because you were allowed to do whatever you wanted to and make it fun.  They also have the Hangover edition within the museum, which was definitely a lot of fun and hilarious. (Yes, Alan + the tiger was there too) What was also great was the 4D presentation they had of Marvels member Tony Stark for a press conference, which then turned out to be a really big battle.

It was an overall great experience and I recommend anyone to go.

For more information, to visit, or to purchase tickets, go here.

Check out the pictures below:

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Tamar Braxton Explains How She Was Bullied

During today’s episode of The Real, Tamar Braxton was discussing how she was bullied. In addition, she also talked about how she was called a “muppet.” (I think we all know by who) Although she had a lot of support from her friends during her moment of boo-hoo’ing, she shared how it hurt her when she was called a muppet.

This is a clip from that segment of the show:

However, there was a particular person who wasn’t feeling her tears and that person was K. Michelle. She even went on Twitter following the video to make the following statements:

“And the OSCAR goes to… – 

“Every action warrants a reaction. You can’t go and start a fight with someone then when they reply cry and play victim. – 

Well, K. Michelle does have a point here. You can’t start an argument with someone and then play victim when they come at you. Don’t come for a person and they won’t send for you. If you can’t fight back, then don’t start one at all.


Music Video: Migos ­- “One Time “

After a wild night of partying, Migos turns up in the daytime.

Their music video for their single, “One Time,” shows the trio waking up to a night of wild and unexpected fun. With the video moving in a trippy, but awesome way, the video also shows the group walking around as if they didn’t have a party from the night before. Directed by Ninian Doff, the group is also up for a nomination for the 2015 YouTube Music Awards.

Turn up with Migos just only once in “One Time”

New Music: T-Pain Feat. The-Dream – “Let Your Hair Down”

T-Pain is releasing brand new music left and right, and you will not be able to stop him.

He even released a brand new single called “Let Your Hair Down,” which also features The-Dream. While the beat itself is just something you would hear in the club or on the ride home, it also reminds us all of why we fell in love with him in the first place. He also sings over the slow, but hard-hitting beat and trying to get his love interest to just relax and let her hair down.

Check out the new single below:

Music Video: Action Bronson feat. Chance The Rapper – “Baby Blue”

He is taking it back…WAY BACK.

In his music video for “Baby Blue,”Action Bronson goes out and searches for his bride to come and rule the kingdom with him. Inspired by the classic film Coming To America, Bronson does everything you can imagine, just like in the film.

Everything from the barbershop haircut moment (with Chance The Rapper also appearing in the video) and Randy Watson and the never-forgetting Sexual Chocolate performance to Samuel L. Jackson’s McDowell robbery incident’s, it is a video you won’t forget. The Lil Chris – directed video is also up for a nomination for the 2015 YouTube Music Awards.

Check out the video below:

Music Video: Shamir – “Call It Off”

Shamir has a lot of fun in his music video for single, “Call It Off.”

While the video alone is already fun, Shamir takes fun to another level by having little puppets. After a long day at work, the newly XL Recordings signee decides to kick back, relax, and have some fun with him and his puppets. The video is also up for a nomination for the upcoming 2015 YouTube Music Awards.

Check out the Phillip Hodges – directed video below:

Music Video: J. Cole – “G.O.M.D”

The record itself is already powerful, but the video itself will make you watch watch it.

J. Cole shows how much power he really has in the music video for his single, “G.O.M.D.” While the video starts off with men who are white as slave owners, there are men who are black in the field working and getting mistreated. It also shows the “Power Trip” rapper walking around the home greeting the slaves who are inside of the house and getting mistreated by those who are outside working in the field.

In addition, it also shows not only how he is being treated unfairly and he steals a key (in the smoothest way possible), but also leads a revolt against the white family and holds them hostage, as well as starting a revolt against the slave owners who once was abusing the slaves.

Overall, powerful and incredible video.

Check out the amazing video below:

Music Video: Dj $B Feat Niko – “Pull Up”

There is nothing like going to the club and having a good time.

DJ $B released his music video for his single, “Pull Up.” While the song alone makes you want to party, the video shows him and Niko in the club smoking weed and doing nothing but turning up and just living life. With beautiful surrounding him and the club packed with people with the two in VIP, there is no way you can miss this video.

Check out the music video for “Pull Up” below:

Music Video: Tyga – “40 Mil”

Tyga takes it to another level in his music video for his single, “40 Mil.”

In the beginning, Tyga walks inside of a church and sits there while he decides to pray. Throughout the video, there are scenes throughout the Kanye West & Mike Dean – produced record of him having shirtless (which many women will find sexy), as well as his squad throwing fire and just having a good time, not to mention the women surrounding his pool and walking around his house.

There is also one part in the self – directed video where he is not only riding while there are nothing but all – red Ferrari’s and Rolls Royce’s in one lane, with the Last Kings logo on the headrest, but he also stops at his Last Kings store in Los Angeles while there are thousands of fans outside supporting him.

At the end, he walks up to the casket of where he is also laying in the casket and while he throws the black rose into the casket and leaves, T-Raww all of a sudden wakes up with black eyes and has a quote saying “Fame Is The Devil.” Very powerful choice of words.

Check out the brand new video from Tyga below:

Popular Demand Releases Aerospace Collection


You don’t need to go to NASA to know how fly you can be.

Popular Demand released their brand new collection called “Aerospace,” which has nothing but graphic shirts, sweatpants, and more that is inspired by space science aesthetics. Although the well-known line is known for it’s amount of clothing worn by many celebrities, they also add a little bit of flavor and swag to the newest collection to the store, as well as keeping it traditional, but still fresh and new.

You can check out their new line by going to the Popular Demand Store online.

(Image via Popular Demand)

Kim Kardashian Shares Family Photo On Twitter

Since today is Sunday, today is also a day where family gets together and spends quality time together.

Kim Kardashian – West shared her family time with the rest of the world by snapping a picture of husband Kanye West and daughter North West. While the two is shown to be having a blast, Kardashian – West stood back and snapped a quick pic of West and North spending time at the beach, as well as using the hashtag #AllDay:

There is nothing better than fun day on a Sunday.

Jermaine Dupri Shuts Down Tryst Nightclub

Last night was definitely eventful, but a lot of fun.

Tryst Nightclub in Las Vegas was not only filled with many people who were either just visiting for the weekend or even people who needed a place to go to for Spring Break and just let loose. From people 21 to individuals who were 70, it was a night to let loose and just have a good time.

In addition, popular producer and DJ Jermaine Dupri was the special guest for the night, who played a lot of current and past hip – hop songs, including Nicki Minaj, Rae Sremmurd, Meek Mill, The Weeknd, Justin Credible, and many more. He also kept it traditional within Tryst and the Las Vegas community by playing a lot of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and music you would want to get up and dance to.

If you missed out on last night’s events, well let’s just say it was one eventful night.

Chris Brown Gets Released From Probation

After a long time, it is finally THAT time.

Chris Brown was released from his probation just earlier today. Judge James Brandlin not only ruled that the “Loyal” singer completed his community service, but the the Probation Department found that there were no violations during the time of his probation.


According to E!, both Brown’s attorney and the Los Angeles District Attorney has found that he has completed his hours of community service and done what he needed to do:

The Los Angeles District Attorney confirmed to E! News Friday that the 25-year-old singer’s probation has ended after Judge James Brandlin found that Brown had officially completed his 1,000.5 hours of community service and the Probation Department concluded there were no violations. Brown’s attorney Mark Geragos tells E! News, “I couldn’t be happier or more proud of CB.”

Breezy even went on Twitter to state this message:

Overall? My mood after hearing the great news:













giphy (3)




[ video via Vine + credit: E!]

Music Video: Tyrese ft. Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa – “Dumb Shit”

Tyrese is not only releasing an album this year, but his movie Fast and Furious 7 will be one to not miss.

He even released his music video for his single, “Dumb Shit.” The video is not only one that shows him singing, but throughout the video he is dancing and having a good time. The Matt Alonzo – directed video also shows him being surrounded by nothing but beautiful women. In the video, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa also makes their way into the video and parties.

Overall, great video.

Check out the video below:

New Music: Angel Gold ft. Too Short – “Get On It”


Angel Gold is definitely someone many will be listening to this year.

The singer released a brand new single called “Get On It,” which is a hit for the summer and also something you can dance to or even just get sexy to. Not only is she talented, but the ShoNuff – produced record will make you want to just move your feet + body all night, but she also got assistance from the legend himself, Too $hort. The Oakland native himself even drops an amazing verse.

Check out the newest single from Gold below:

Music Video: Snoop Dogg Feat. Charlie Wilson – “Peaches N Cream”

Snoop Dogg is having a lot of fun and bringing it back in his music video for his single, “Peaches and Cream.”

Snoop is not only partying it up like he is like in the 1970’s, but he is actually living it. In fact, in the video he even has women dressed like they are 70’s divas, as well as rocking fur and bringing back the 70’s fun and creativity of a music video. Uncle Charlie Wilson even does his thing in the video and makes the video nothing but a good time. Snoop even made his appearance on hit show “Empire” by performing the single.

Check out the music video and get lost in the 70’s with “Peaches And Cream”

Board of Regents Member Passes Away

This honestly hurts my heart to write because I actually had the opportunity to speak with him.

If any of you ever had the opportunity to speak with or even meet Board of Regents member Jack Lund Schofield, you always knew of how important education was to him. He is not only someone who valued education, but also a man who was very humble. During a course I took at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, one thing I had to do was get into contact with someone that was not only a member of the Board of Regents, but someone to interview to discuss the possible tuition increase within the University of Nevada Las Vegas sometime next year.

The one person that I could be able to speak to was Lund Schofield.

During the short amount of time I could speak to him for the interview, he was not only knowledgable of the current situation, but he was very for the students. He cared about how students felt and wanted to create a system for students who was unable to stay in college because of the increase within the university. In addition, he was very humble, caring, and kind and he was also someone who was very amusing and was full of life.

My deepest condolences goes out to his family, friends, his colleagues, and those who knew him best.

To Mr. Lund Schofield, thank you for everything you’ve done for everyone, including the students here at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. You will be deeply missed.

Kim Kardashian Shows Adorable Video of Daughter

There is nothing more adorable than seeing your daughter having fun.

Kim Kardashian posted a video via her Twitter account of daughter North West riding around on the suitcase while about to board a flight. While wearing a Yeezus Tour jacket, the adorable little one was caught on the back of a Frozen luggage bag having a lot of fun and just being herself. In addition, auntie Khloe Kardashian even posted a video via Instagram of West ridin around and gettin it:

North really loves her frozen roller bag!! She is too funny! 💙💜💚

A video posted by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

Hey, nothing wrong with having a little fun.

New Music: K-Camp ft. Chris Brown – “Lil Bit” (Remix)

If you love the song now, the remix will do anything will do anything BUT disappoint you.

Chris Brown added his own spin to K-Camp’s single, “Lil Bit,” which a song that has hitting radio stations and clubs everywhere. In addition, he also has a little bit of fun by adding his own swag and touch to the song.

With the amount of success K-Camp is having within his career, you can tell of how much of his upcoming album, Only Way Is Up, which is set to be released sometime this year, is going to be not only his major debut album within being with a major label, but it will be far from not grabbing.

Brown also added his own spin to the smash by not only throwing a little bit of diss towards Janet Jackson’s character on classic show “Good Times,” but he reminds people of who he is and how he ain’t playing no games with anyone. In addition, he also makes the remix of the already popular record worth listening to and a remix to listen to party to for the summer and Spring Break.

Breezy also played a snippet of the single while taking the stage of his tour, Between The Sheets.

Check out the single below + send your comments of what you think:

Raven Symone Agrees With Host Calling Michelle Obama Ape

Oh Lord, here we ago again with this one.

Come on now, Raven. Every single interview you have done so far has made you sound completely ridiculous. First, it was the Oprah interview where you stated how you did not want to be known as Black. Just recently, you sat down with The View and you think it is OK that Rodner Figueroa compared Michelle Obama to a gorilla.

I get it. I understand that you want to express your opinion. I completely understand that. But, do you not realize how ridiculous you sound? Did you not realize what kind of statement you just made? You are sitting there with you looking like a wannabe ass version of Miss Cleo and have the AUDACITY to say that Figueroa was not in the wrong in any shape reform for calling The First Lady of the United States a monkey?

Yes, everyone isn’t exactly Beyonce when it comes to looks. But, who are YOU to judge anyone for what they look like?! Please explain to me who in the fuck are you to try to say how in the hell someone should look? Don’t worry I’ll wait.

Now, I don’t know if you know your history, Raven but being called a monkey is like someone calling someone from another race an offensive word. The word “monkey” was used during the time of segregation was legal, especially in the South, where whites (including some of your Ancestors I’m sure) were being called monkeys. For many years, whites (as well as probably many other individuals from other races) have been calling Blacks “monkeys” as a term to describe someone who is African American.

To me, I find it highly interesting that you want people to respect you and take you seriously when you can’t even find the common sense to realize how ridiculous you sound. Now, I don’t know who media trained you or is your publicist, but either you need to listen to them or they need to do a better got damn job because for someone who wants to have a large amount of respect, especially from those within the African American, you surely aren’t even acknowledging the struggles many African Americans are facing right now, including how there are many African American men being killed by law enforcement officers.

But, you out of all people are sitting here and trying to say that you don’t want to be called an African American. Then, you want to sit on national television in front of Whoopi Goldberg and have the got damn audacity to try to say that calling Michelle Obama an ape is highly okay. You are about as ridiculous, annoying, and dumb as Stacey Dash right now.

I am really going to need for you to get your brain and common sense together because my goodness you cannot be THAT DUMB. You really can’t be at all.

Overall: Raven Symone, this is my message to you.

200_s (1)

Video: Pixels (Trailer)

We all love video games, or at least some of us. Many of us play video games to have a good time or even battle against another person for some form of entertainment. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Well, what happens when a game of war becomes a battle of life? The trailer for upcoming film, Pixels, not only features popular games Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and more becomes a fight for survival, but shows that either it’s life or death. In the Chris Columbus – directed film, you have the team of heroes, which includes Adam Sandler, Michelle Monaghan, Kevin James, and Peter Dinklage. On the other hand, you have your squad of villains, who are the characters themselves.

Will you be fighting for your life or will you be on standby?

This film is set to be released sometime this summer.

Check out the exclusive trailer below:

Amber Rose Speaks Out About Khloe Kardashian + Slut Shaming

Amber Rose has been known in the media for many things, including her relationship with Kanye West and marriage to Wiz Khalifa, her recent posts to Khloe Kardashian, and even starting a slut-shaming walk sometime this summer. In addition, she was also in the media for making comments about Kardashian’s youngest sister, Kylie Jenner and rapper Tyga, as well as the recent remarks West made about her.

This is what she had to say about his statements about her, as well as the battle she faces with social media and many people labeling her as a slut:

“It’s important for me because I deal with it every day,” she said of slut-shaming. “I deal with it via social media, people out on the street. I recently dealt with that with my ex saying he had to take 30 showers after he’d been with me,” she added referencing West’s comments.

During an interview with Extra, Rose explained how she has no problems with Kardashian nor does she even hate her. In addition, she also talked about her relationship with Yeezy and how he mistreated her during The Breakfast Club interview. Muva Rosebud also discussed the objective of how she came about the Amber Rose Slut-Shaming Walk this summer in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Miami.

Well, kudos to Rose for being honest and open about everything.

Check out the two minute video below:

Hunger Pains.

When I say how hungry I am, it is not even an understatement. I am BEYOND HUNGRY!

The words I am writing to you all right now is just speaking from personal opinion and experience because since there is no topic to discuss for today, I figured I would at least write about how hungry I am. Or at least express it until I get home. Don’t know yet.

But, the amount of how hungry I am is just too real. Right now I could use a number one from McDonald’s and a nice hot plate of lasagna from home. And I don’t mean just any put-in-the-microwave for two fuckin minutes kind of lasagna. Like I want REAL lasagna, as in the tasty, cheese on top, you have to go for more kind of lasagna. Hell, even just any type of food (OK, not just anything) would be beneficial for me.

Don’t get me wrong I had food today in my system. But, when you really haven’t had food all day, what can you really do? Not eat and possibly starve yourself? HELL NO! For me, it’s kind of different. Not quite, but still different. Why I say this is because of the following choices:

a) I didn’t take a lunch.

b) All I had was a quesadilla from Taco Bell, which can settle the stomach very nicely.

c) all of the got damn above.

If you said C, you is mothafuckin right! (Sorry, I had to I haven’t had sleep all day) So, why I make this post is to not only express to you my current emotions, but to share how much of a dumbass I am. Usually, I am someone who takes their lunch with them and can eat something. But, today someway somehow I forget to take something with me.

I was fine for the entire day. No need of food, none of that. As soon as my last class, my stomach simply tells me that I must supply something in my stomach. I then realize the fact that it was almost time for me to get to work. I didn’t want to spend ALL of my money, so where could I go? Where could I run to supply my hunger pains? Well, since the only place that could get my money was one place I could only turn to.

Taco Bell was calling my name and I then happened to order my food and got it in 2 minutes, which is a record for the UNLV line of people that is constantly ordering between 3-5 PM. I grabbed my food and satisfied my hunger pains. At least for that amount of time.

Now, I sit here at 9:30 at night just thinking about how much I want to eat and really eat like shove food in my mouth. OK, that was too much but still I am seriously hungry and I just hope to eat soon.

Have you ever had a hunger pain or ever had an experience where something good lasted for a short time? Let me know your experiences!

Karrueche Posts Beach Picture On Instagram

There is no harm in showing a little skin, right? Right.

Karrueche Tran decided to show a little sexiness by posting a picture of herself on the beach while wearing a bikini. Not only was she spotted wearing a two-piece bikini, but the Wilhelmina model decided to be her normal and silly self by making a facial expression while doing it.

This was the image she posted:

I'm president of the Itty Bitty Committee 👅 #ThirstyTuesday

A photo posted by karrueche (@karrueche) on

However, one person that made a comment was not only fans (and haters) but Chris Brown made his appearance to her page by making this comment:

#ChrisBrown vs. #Karrueche #clapbackseason (see previous post)

A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoominc) on

But, there were some people who even thought it wasn’t bad to be sexy. In fact, Amber Rose even gave Tran some praise:

#AmberRose is #TeamKarrueche !

A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoominc) on

Well, one thing I can say is this:

WHM Profile – Kathy Mercedes


Innovator. Writer. Passionate.

These are the few words of what many people think about blogger Kathy Mercedes. Owner of KSocialTV, not only is the Miami native many people find the life of the party, but someone who isn’t afraid to go the next level and a woman that is defined by positivity and hardwork. In addition to the amount of success within her blog, she has also worked with many women within the 305, including NormaNow, who is always at the top of her game.

How does she stay on top of things, you may ask? Not only does she stay true to who she is, but she also remembers why she loves what she do. Although being a blogger is far from easy, she writes about what brings her happiness and passion, which is music. In addition to her love for music, she also writes about some of the hottest artists out right now and they love it.

Hate it or love it, she is someone that many people respect and admire.

For more information on Mercedes, visit and follow her on Twitter.

Tanaya Henry Posts Adorable Photo Via Instagram

Valentine’s Day is far from existing, but love is definitely in the air for someone.

Tanaya Henry posted a photo of singer Trey Songz just hours ago via her Instagram account. While the photo of Mr. Steal Yo Girl is already a sexy picture, the message behind it is what many fans going crazy. This was the photo the jewelry designer + model posted just earlier this morning that had many people watching:

Well, looks like love is definitely in the air for Mr. Songz and Ms. Henry.

New Music: Chevy Woods – “Now That I’m Up”

Don’t go to sleep on Chevy Woods. If you do, you’ll wish  you didn’t.

His newest single, “Now That I’m Up,” is not only a record that has an aggressive beat, but Chevy Woods delivers his signature, but hard-hitting flow to the record. Produced by Sledgren and RMBjustize, the Taylor Gang artist reminds the rest of the world, including his competitors, that he don’t get tired nor is he going to ever stop.

Check out his new single by taking a listen below:

New Music: Ameriie – “Out Loud”


If you loved her before, you’ll fall in love with her even more.

Ameriie released a brand new single called “Out Loud,” which will probably be your favorite single for 2015. While her vocals is already perfect, the record itself has a smooth, but hard-hitting beat that will make you want to bob your head and just sing along no matter where you are. Produced by Rich Harrison, the high – energy record will make you want to get up and dance and have nothing but a good time.

Check out the highly – anticipated single below:

Music Video: Machine Gun Kelly – “Against The World”

Machine Gun Kelly goes CRAZY in his music video for “Against The World.”

Not only does he let all of his anger out (when I say all, I literally mean ALL) he becomes a brand new person. Literally. He even decides to steal someone else’s car and goes for a little drive. That drive then becomes a high – speed chase.

Go for a drive with MGK by clicking the video and taking a look below:

Music Video: DJ Infamous ft. 2 Chainz and Young Jeezy – “Dikembe”

DJ Infamous turns up and parties in the music video for single, “Dikembe.”

While sitting on a car along with a while background, he also brings in 2 Chainz, who doesn’t mind turning up to the slow, but hard – hitting beat along with the rest of his squad. Meanwhile, Young Jeezy is sitting back and chilling and doing his thing and being a boss.

No, there is no appearance from Dikembe Mutumbo either.

Check out the video via


New Music: Salomon Faye – “W.T.F.”


Salomon Faye is one artist everyone must keep their eyes + ears out for in 2015.

The New York native released a brand new single called “W.T.F.” While the acronym itself is self – explanatory, Faye delivers nothing but unbelievable flow to the record and proves that he isn’t just any rapper from New York. Not to mention, he sets a guideline: stay out of his way if you’re a hater.

Premiered by Vibe Magazine, check out the single below:

Music Video: She’s Ryan – “On My Mind”

Not only is she talented, but she is definitely showing how beautiful she is.

She’s Ryan released a music video for her record, “On My Mind.” While the single itself is something you’ll want to have on repeat and produced by Fame School Slim, the black-and-white video shows the young beauty posing in many outfits. In addition, she also sings while being seductive and working the camera like she is a professional model.

However, don’t deny or take away from how talented she is because her talent is not only undeniable, but it is just powerful and astounding.

Directed by Mister Rowley, check out the music video for “On My Mind” below:

New Music: Charles Hamilton – “Headed To The Top”

Charles Hamilton is making some type of success for himself so far in 2015, along with new music.

In his newest single, “Headed To The Top,” the Harlem native is rapping about how no one is going to stop him from being successful. He is also making a comeback and there is not one person that is going to stand in his way from what he really wants in his career.

Produced by Oddisee, take a listen to his newest single below:

Kim Kardashian Posts Edited Photo of Daughter

If there is one thing that many people Kim Kardashian loves in her life, the most important person is the one that belongs to her.

The “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” star posted a photo of North West via Twitter, along with the eyes matching the same color as Kanye West’s performance of “Wolves” during the 40th anniversary of SNL. Although the picture is just too adorable, the eye color is not hers. In fact, she even stated how the image is only an edited photo of her child she discovered through the Internet:

Well, it is an adorable picture.

Rihanna Makes History Within Fashion

In addition to her success with her music as well as her upcoming film, “Home,” Rihanna is very well – known within the fashion industry, including being a creative director for PUMA, and is currently making history.

According to WWD, Rihanna will be appearing in the fourth episode of Dior’s “Secret Garden” video series. Yes, this means everyone may get to see the “FourFiveSeconds” singer in a dress and running around happy. However, that isn’t all. Fenty is also the first African American woman to become a representative for the high fashion brand.

Congratulations to Rihanna on ALL of her success!

Fabolous Becomes Face of Rocawear Campaign

Fabolous is making a lot of moves (and music) so far in 2015, including being the face of a brand new campaign.

The “Young OG” rapper is now the face of Rocawear’s “Blak is the New Blak” campaign, which is a line that features nothing but clothing for the spring/summer 2015 collection. Modeling clothing for the popular brand, Fabolous is also shown in a commercial for the clothing line, which also has inspiration from the 90’s. Not only is he going to be rocking the line, which will be debuted sometime next month, but he will be seen everywhere, including on billboards, print, and online.

Check out the video below:

Music Video: Mary J. Blige – “Doubt”

She is making BIG moves for 2015 and no one is going to stop her.

In addition to her performance with Sam Smith at this year’s Grammy’s and her appearance on hit show “Empire,” Mary J. Blige released a music video from her single, “Doubt.” The music video shows the queen in a theater rocking a suit and looking absolutely amazing. While in the massive theater, she is singing about how she is going to continue to work hard for what she wants and no one is going to stop her.


Kanye West Posts Messages About Kim Kardashian

If there is one thing that Kanye West loves more than life, it is his wife.

While Kim Kardashian was spotted on a photo shoot, Kanye West was standing by her side posting photos of her and adoring of how beautiful she is. In addition, he also added the word SWISH. (Not sure what that means, but okay Yeezy.) Not only did he share photos of his well-known wife, but he also shared these messages:

In addition, Kardashian – West also posted this response:


Video: Lil Wayne + Young Money Cypher

Lil Wayne has a lot to say in his cypher with Young Money. Despite his legal issues with Birdman and Cash Money, he is focusing on the raps at hand and going IN.

Along with freestyles from Lil’ Twist, Hood, Euro, Flow, Cory Gunz, and Gudda Gudda, the YM squad spits nothing but bars while sitting in Lil Wayne’s private skate park. Along with making some references via Tupac’s “Dear Mama,” Weezy is definitely going full force and not holding back.

Premiered by Civil TV, check out the Young Money Cypher below:

Music Video: Dawn Richard – “Projection”

Dawn Richard is stripping down and showing some skin in her music video for single “Projection.”

In the Monty Marsh – directed video, the New Orleans beauty is laying in a bathtub filled with water while her face is the only thing that is being shown. The black-and-white visuals also shows Richard having the light being casted on her face from the water.

Overall: Really great video.

Check out the video below and be sure to pick up her album, BlackHeart, available on iTunes now.

Music Video: Rae Sremmurd ft. Nicki Minaj & Young Thug – “Throw Sum Mo”

Rae Sremmurd’s “Throw Sum Mo” single is one that has the club going crazy and on the radio everyday, which is not a bad thing. Along with the assistance of Nicki Minaj and Young Thug, it is one of the hottest singles out right now.

In the music video for their smash single, Rae Sremmurd is making it rain at a strip club, while a stripper is doing her thing. Along with Minaj and Young Thug, the Motion Family and Michael Williams – directed video also features appearances from Mike WiLL Made It and Birdman, as well as Migos.

Check out the video below:

Zoolander Premiered at Valentino Show


Oh my goodness!! It’s finally coming back in theatres!

The sequel to hit film Zoolander is finally in theaters. Although it won’t be until next year the film will be released, the announcement was made during the Maison Valentino Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week. In addition to yesterday’s big news, many photos and videos were released during the major announcement, including a photo (or two) with Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. In addition, there was also a video of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, or Derek and Hansel, walking in the show.

Drop the mic….. @Maisonvalentino @carlossouza1311 👏👏👏👏👏

A photo posted by Claire / Owner Of FIVESTORY (@claire_fivestory) on

Apparently Derek and Hansel have come to terms on #Zoolander2 😗

A photo posted by Ben Stiller (@benstiller) on

Does this mean Hansel + Derek are still friends or will there be another walk-off? Have the two of them come to terms?

Zoolander 2 is set to hit theaters February 12, 2016.

Check out the video below of the announcement and Derek + Hansel hanging out with Wintour backstage at the Maison Valentino Fashion Show via Vogue Magazine.

Image via Instagram/maisonvalentino

New Music: The Game ft. Dej Loaf – “Ambitionz of a Rida”

Despite The Game’s dispute with 40 Glocc, he is still making time to release music.

His newest single, “Ambitionz of a Rida,” is a single that not only brings out the West Coast feel in everyone, but it’s a record that will make you want to take the top down and just vibe. With the help of Dej Loaf, who also brings her verse of how she is a rider, the song is definitely one that you will want to listen to for the springtime.

Premiered by DJ Skee, check out the brand new single below:

Music Video: Fat Trel ft. Tracy T – “What We Doing”

Fat Trel and Tracy T show everyone what it takes to be a boss in the music video for “What We Doing.” While Fat Trel is having a woman shake her ass next to him as well as wearing no shirt, he also joins his squad of drinking Bel-Aire champagne and also explains how a man was robbed. Tracy T also appears in the video and does his verse before the screen goes immediately to black.

Check out the video below:

New Music: OverDoz ft. A$AP Ferg – “F-ck Yo’ DJ”


OverDoz and A$AP Ferg isn’t messing with the DJ’s in their new single, “Fuck Yo DJ.”

The two rappers collaborated together on a single that has a hard-hitting beat that will make you want to go out tonight and party. The THC – produced record not only gives credit to the producer, but also brings out nothing but OverDoz and Ferg trading bars and having fun while doing it.

Check out the brand new single below:

Video: Lil Herb – “Computers” (Freestyle)

Lil Herb holds it down for Rowdy Rebel by freestyling over his single, “Computers.”

While the GS9 member is currently in jail for both gun and drug charges in addition to Bobby Shmurda and the rest of the GS9 crew, Lil Herb raps about not only social media, but how he is definitely someone that isn’t to be played with. While the aggressive flow is going through the hard – hitting beat, Herb is also rapping about how he is the frontman of the squad.

Check out the video below:

Video: Joseline Hernandez Explains How Reality TV Is Fake “

Many of us tune into reality television shows on a consistent basis for many reasons, including catfights, the relationships, and many of things. But, according to reality television star Joseline Hernandez, it is not reality.

During a video deposition, the VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star explains how many things people see on shows like “Love and Hip Hop” is stage and a script is written for them. She also went into detail about how the lives that are shown through our television screens aren’t the lives they are really living.

Check out the footage via TMZ.

Music Video: Jordin Sparks ft. 2 Chainz – “Double Tap”

Jordin Sparks is it taking to social media with her new single, “Double Tap.”

While the beauty is singing about how someone is stalking her via Instagram, but won’t like any of her pictures, she is also posting selfies and videos with her girls as well as of her in the bed alone. With the help and appearance of 2 Chainz, the Daps – directed visuals also shows her turning up at a party and enjoying life.

Check out the music video for “Double Tap” below: